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Pond Pumps

I have the SuperFlo 3000 pump at present and have had no problems so far. This will be it's 3rd year running, winter and summer.

Brenda, Winnipeg

Pond Pumps
SuperFlo 2000 Pond Pump
SuperFlo 2000
Pond Pump

Compare to $153.95
Deluxe Super Flo (3000/4000/5000) all-in-one Waterfall Pond Pump Kits
Deluxe Super Flo Pond Pump Kits
Compare to $140.00
Starting at $104.99
Super Flo 800/1300 all-in-one Pond Pump Kit
Super Flo 800/1300 Pond Pump Kit
Compare to $123.96
Starting at $69.99
Statuary Fountain Pump
Statuary Fountain Pump
Compare to $24.99
Starting at $18.99
Maxflo  Waterfall Pump
Maxflo Waterfall Pump
Compare to $159.00
Starting at $116.99
Algreen CrystalFlo Pond Pump and All-In-One Filter
CrystalFlo Pond Pump & Filter
Compare to $249.99
Our Price: $229.99
EasyFlo 2400 Pond Pump
EasyFlo 2400 Pond Pump
Compare to $89.99
Ultra Flo 200/440/660/1018 GPH all-in-one Aeration Pump Kits
Algreen Ultra Flo Aeration Pumps
Compare to $136.98
Starting at $109.99

Pond pumps are an extremely important part of any water feature. Regardless of what you want your water feature to be, the water can not be stagnant. If the water remains dormant, it will become a breeding ground for mosquitoes, and it will make standing around your pond uncomfortable.

Choosing between pond pumps is simple

When you choose a pond pump, the GPH rating (Gallons per hour) should be about half of your pondís size. This is enough to circulate the water once every 2 hours, which is JUST enough to keep the water circulating enough to prevent mosquitoes from settling in. If youíre planning on having a waterfall, you will need a stronger pump.

The pond pump type you purchase is also important. Itís good to choose a pump thatís magnetic-driven, as this is quieter and more energy efficient than a direct drive pump. Fortunately, GardenSuperMart only carries Magnetic Driven pumps!

If you should any further questions regarding the pond pumps we carry then please don't hesitate to contact us. We can provide you with recommendations specific to your needs and wants and will assist you in any way possible.

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