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Pond Filters

I just wanted to say thanks for your help in picking out the right filter for my pond. The filter works great. Thanks. If I need anything else you will be hearing from me.

Donna, North Carolina

Pond Filters

Many things can affect the quality of your water, and in some cases, something needs to be done to counteract any issues. If you have an algae problem, floating debris, or your water is cloudy, you may require a filtration method. Pond filters are an essential component of the backyard pond eco-system and when used correctly will prevent any issue with water quality and will provide many years of worry free pond enjoyment.

Pond filters can prevent cloudy water, floating debirs, and excessive aglae

Depending on the water quality issue, different types of filtration are needed. For floating debris, mechanical filtration is needed. For cloudy water, biological filtration is necessary. For algae issues, you’ll need a UV Clarifier. If you have more than one of these issues, you can often find filtration units that combine more than one method.

You may still be unsure of what filtration method is right for your garden pond. Within we try to provide you with enough information to cover the broad spectrum of pond and garden questions. For further information please view this article on pond filters if you still have any questions please contact us by phone or email and we'll be glad to help you.