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3' Tripod Sprinkler PAC601 $31.98 USD
($31.98 CDN)
6' Tripod Sprinkler PAC600 $41.98 USD
($41.98 CDN)

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Water-Efficient Rainforest Aluminum Tripod Lawn Sprinkler

Water-Efficient Rainforest Aluminum Tripod Lawn Sprinkler

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The Rainforest line of lawn sprinklers comprise of water-efficient units that will use up to 30% less water than conventional sprinklers! Their heart-shaped heads shatter water droplets into a fine mist, which improves the delivery of water to the root zone of your lawn or garden.

These sprinkler come mounted on an aluminum tripod, which makes it an excellent sprinkler system for watering lawns, tall shrubs, and vegetable gardens. Choose between the 3' tripod and the 6' tripod. The 6' tripod sprinkler provides extra height and adjustable legs that work well on slopes or even ground.

Rainforest Sprinklers



  • The beautiful rain and mist effect created by the unique sprinkler head design will not damage small plants and seedlings.
  • Excellent for lawns and established gardens, this unit provides an efficient uniform coverage up to 1900 sq ft (covering approximately a 50' diameter), with no "halo" effect.
  • This lawn sprinkler will not clog when used with hard water.
  • The lawn sprinkler can be operated on water pressures of 5 PSI up to 80 PSI.
  • This is the ultimate cost-effective watering solution, which can use up to 30% less water than conventional sprinklers.
  • The spinkler is fully-controllable from a faucet valve.
  • Easy to operate and move.
  • All risers are ideal for watering fruit trees, tall-growth garden shrubs, and lawns.

Consumption Specifications

  • 2.5 g.p.m. at 40 PSI
  • 2.75 g.p.m. at 60 PSI
  • 3.0 g.p.m. at 80 PSI


Backed by a one year guarantee against defects in material and workmanship

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