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Terracotta Madison Fountain $149.99 USD
($149.99 CDN)
Dark Brown Madison Fountain $149.99 USD
($149.99 CDN)

This item only available throughout continental USA and Canada due to shipping via ground courier.

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Madison Fountain with Pressurized Rain Barrel Feature

Madison Fountain with Pressurized Rain Barrel Feature

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The Madison Fountain is available in two colours:

Terracotta swatchDark Brown swatch
TerracottaDark Brown

This gorgeous fountain is a great centerpiece for any backyard!

The Madison Fountain's flat back allows it to rest up against walls and flat surfaces. Made of roto molded plastic to look like terracota, this fountain is able to withstand extreme temperature and will not chip, crack, or fade.

Included with the Madison fountain is an optional rain barrel feature. To enable the rain barrel feature, simply:

  1. Rest your downspout above the fountain feature and let the water drain into the barrel, and
  2. Connect a standard garden hose to either the gravity-fed or pressurized watering outlets.
    • To use the gravity-fed mechanism to fill a watering can, hook up a standard garden hose to the bottom drain outlet.
    • Note: the submersible pump generates sufficient water pressure to allow for direct watering of a lawn or garden. To use this feature, a standard garden hose can also be connected to the fountain for pressurized watering.

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The Madison Fountain with Rain Barrel Feature includes the following:

  • Corrosion Proof Screen Guard
  • Durable 3/8" thick wall
  • Fountain head and river rocks
  • Energy-efficient submersible pump
  • Tubing and fittings
  • Hook for hanging Garden Hose
  • 4' Garden Hose with Shut-off Nozzle
  • Overflow valves
  • Fits all downspout sizes
  • 33" tall, 24" in diameter
  • Made in Canada


Lifetime warranty on the enclosure


Why use a rain barrel?

You can calculate the number of gallons your rain barrel can collect per rain fall using the following formula:
Square footage of roof x 0.6 inches of rain = Total gallons you can collect from one rainfall.

  • Connect a hose to the overflow valve of your rain barrel to divert water away from your foundation.
  • You can also connect a drip line to your overflow valve to water your garden. However, due to the lack of pressure stemming from the overflow valve, you will have to drill holes (no more than 3) in the drip line to allow water to escape. Drill the 2-3 holes progressively larger, starting from the overflow valve.
  • To prepare for winter, partially empty the rain barrel and either remove the hose from the bottom to allow for water drainage or to leave the shut-off nozzle on the hose open. Or, drain the water fully and cover the top so no new water can enter the barrel.
  • Purchase a diverter from your local hardware store to connect the downspout to your rain barrel.
  • If your ground is not level, you may need to build a foundation for your rain barrel. A foundation can be constructed from bricks, wood or flat stone.

Available for pickup from Cambridge, Ontario Made in Canada