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UltraFlo 800 - 200 GPH $149.99 USD
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UltraFlo 1700 - 440 GPH $161.99 USD
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UltraFlo 2600 - 660 GPH $184.55 USD
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UltraFlo 4000 - 1018 GPH $249.99 USD
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Fish Care Package

Fish Care Package

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We know that your fish are your pride and joy, so we've put together a package to help you care for them throughout the year. Included in the package is one UltraFlo pond pump, to add more oxygen to your water, one pond heater, to prevent ice from fully forming during the winter, and one bottle of New Pond to remove chlorine and chloramines from the water.

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UltraFlo Pump Kits

The pump utilizes an unique air/water air mix system which effectively increases the oxygen concentration in your pond. The revolutionary NRG system used by the aeration pump utilizes magnet-synchronous motors for exceptional power and reliability.

Each kit includes:

  • Ultraflo "filterless" fish pond pump.
    • Permanent magnet-driven synchronous motor. The earth-magnets in this motor are made from alloys of rare earth elements, which are substantially stronger than the ferrite magnets which inexpensive pumps utilize.
    • Water resistant ceramic shaft and brushes.
    • Pump encasement.
    • Variable flow-rate adjustment knob.
    • Vibration-damping rubber pads that allow it to run in absolute silence.
  • 3 Fountain heads for use in the fountain spray.
  • Fountain spray supplements the NRG system to aeration and improve water circulation.
  • Telescopic riser and diverter.
Pond Heater

Maintains a hole in your pond to allow oxygen to circulate and toxic gases to dissapate in cold temperatures as low as -20 degree Farenheit. Its unique design will not burn your liner or harm fish.

  • Can support ponds up to 1000 gallons.
  • Can support flow rates of up to 10,000 GPH
  • Thermostatically-controlled
  • 12' electrical cord


2-year warranty on the UltraFlo pond pump. 1-year warranty on pond heater.

Available for pickup from Cambridge, Ontario