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What Are the Benefits of Pond Investment?

180 Gallon Black Folding Preformed Pond/Streamlet Kit
180 Gallon Black Folding Preformed Pond/Streamlet Kit


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You know of the beauty and social aspects of investing in a pond, but are still unsure if these are worth the money of pond investment. This is an understandable concern; so let’s explore some of the financial benefits you can expect from your pond investment.

Increased property value

The first benefit is often the most obvious. Having a pond increases the value of your property. Next to air, water is the most necessary element for survival and naturally attracts people. If you make a pond investment, you make your property more attractive to potential buyers who will enjoy the added beauty and benefits. This will enable you to ask a higher price for your property.

Lower utility bills

Even if you do not plan on selling your home, you can still enjoy financial benefits from your pond investment, such as saving on utility bills. By designing your pond with a garden in mind, you can save money on your water bill by using your pond as a means of watering plants, both flowers and vegetables. Hydroponics, growing plants in water, will enable you to save money on your food bill if you wish. A waterfall can help run a small electricity generator. This will save on your electric bill by enabling you to hook up outdoor lights and other electrical items outdoors without having to rely on your home’s electricity.

Possible decrease in medical bills

A little recognized financial benefit of pond investment is on medical bills. By making a pond investment, you create a calm haven that will help you relax. Stress is the creator of many of our physical maladies. By being able to reduce your stress, you can lessen chances of stress-related illness that causes you to lose work time and stack up doctor and hospital bills. Another way to relieve stress is by relaxing in your very own outdoor hammock, imagine swaying back and forth in your hammock while reading your favorite novel, all the while listening to the soothing trickling sounds of moving water in your pond!

Green Tip:

Make your garden larger. Grass needs more water than most other plants. Why not try adding a paved area to your yard, or a mulch bed around your trees to help reduce grassed areas?

Lowering of recreation costs

Recreation costs will also be reduced as a result of your pond investment. Having a calm place to gather the family together, or simply relax, will require only stepping into your yard. No longer will you have to travel to find the perfect cookout setting. This saves rental fees, gas money and time.

As you can see from the above, pond investment offers more than simple aesthetic value to those who choose to invest. The financial benefits alone are well worth the time, effort and cost involved in such a project. Unlike many investments, the value of your pond investment can increase with time. This will occur in instances where you choose plants and fish, as they will increase in value the larger and healthier they become.