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Water Garden FAQs

Ultimate Plus 1400 Gallon Liner Pond Kit
Ultimate Plus 1400 Gallon Liner Pond Kit


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How do I decide where to install my new pond?

Take a good look at your yard and make sure that the location of the pond can be enjoyed from any decks and windows. Pull out the garden hose and create the shape of your pond right on the lawn. Experiment with it for a few days and observe how both the sun and slope of your yard will effect the space you have chosen.

What do I need to keep in mind about the placement of my pond?

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How deep does the pond need to be?

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Green Tip:

Group plants in your garden that have similar watering needs together.

What types of pond construction are there?

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What do I do about water runnoff?

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What do I do about excessive algae?
Possible Causes Solution
Too little competition Introduce other plants
Too much sunlight Add floating plants to shade the bottom of the pond
Too many nutrients Use soil made for aquatic gardens rather than normal potting soil

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The Complete Pond Builder
The Complete Pond Builder


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Why is my water brown and cloudy?

This could be a result of you pump and filter not working efficiently. If this is the case, start regularly cleaning you filter and record how often cleaning is requird. To clean the filter, rinse it out with pond water. If filtration is still an issue, clean inside the piping with a small brush or snake.

Why are there leaves and debris in my pond?

Possible Cause: Dead leaves from nearby trees.
Solution: Skim the pond surface regularly with a net. If this persists, consider catching leaves with garden netting across the pond surface.

Possible Cause: Dead leaves from pond plants
Solution: Frequently examine pond plants and remove any yellow or dying leaves.

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My floating plants seem unhealthy. What should I do?

This could be a result of your plants outgrowing the container they are in. In this case, remove the plant from the container and split it. This will give the plant adequate nutrients.

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Green Tip:

Prevent Erosion by using plants that cover the entire ground surface. Erosion removes the top soil and can clog waterways with it.

The top of my pond is frozen over, and I have fish in the pond. What do I do?

The easiest way to do this is to invest in a pond heater. This will keep the water from freezing over in a specific area. Alternatively, leave a large plastic ball on the surface of the pond, as the ball's constant movement will prevent the water from freezing.

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My fish are unhealthy and dying. Why?
Possible Cause Solution
Lack of Oxygen Add more underwater oxygenating plants like duckweed. Also, reduce the amount of algae.
Overpopulation Rule of Thumb: There should be no more than 1 fish for every 2 square feet of pond. (example: 60 sq. ft pond = no more than 30 fish)
To much chlorine/chloramine Visit your local pool store and purchase a water testing kit. If the chlorine/chloramine level is high, invest in some chemicals to reduce this.

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My plants are all matted together at the bottom of my pond. Help!

A common cause of this is simply the overgrowth of your aquatic plants. The best way to deal with this is to unmat the plants, and then divide them. Moving the plants away from each other offers them a chance to continue growing without become a mess at the bottom of the pond.

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Starter 100 Gallon Liner Pond Kit
Starter 100 Gallon Liner Pond Kit


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My water level gets really low in the summer. Why?

Generally this occurs because of direct contact with sunlight. When your water level is being affected only in the summer, this means that your water is evaporating due to the heat. To counteract this, keep an eye on your pond, and top up your pond as needed with a hose.

If your water level is changing all year round, this is probably caused by a leak in your pond. If you have a liner pond, a good solution is to figure out where the leak is, and purchase a repair kit. If you are dealing with a cement or fibreglass pond, other measures will need to be taken to repair this.

How do I build a pond?
  1. Choose your liner, or select a preformed pond.
  2. Determine the proper filtration for your pond.
  3. Select the right size of pond pump.
  4. Add fountains, accents, and accessories to suit your tastes.