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UV Clarifier Instructions

Keep your pond algae free with the use of ultra-violet clarification!

UV Clarifier Box
Algreen Pond Skimmer
Algreen Pond Skimmer


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  1. The UV Clarifier brings UltraViolet radiation when it is working, which is harmful to the human eyes & skin. Avoid eye contact and skin contact with the UV light at all times. Remember to switch off the power before opening the unit.
  2. The working status of the UV lamp can be observed from a small eliptical white lens on the unit.*
  3. When the unit is damaged (ie. dropped or slightly bumped) please check to see that there is no damage to the quartz tube and UV lamp. If any damage has occured, the unit cannot be used until the broken parts have been replaced.

*NOTE: The lens from the unit is normally brighter when the unit is first used. Over time, the light may dim some. This is a result of dirt particles blocking the lens. The lens can be cleaned by opening the unit, however, be sure to TURN THE UNIT OFF before opening it.

It is suggested that this clarifier be used with a pump no stronger than 1050 GPH.


  1. Attach the UV lamp according to the steps listed in "product maintenance and lamp replacement".
  2. Place the O-ring on the inlet/outlet and screw on the two screws on the water inlet/outlet tightly.
  3. Connect the plastic tube to the water inlet/outlet tightly. the tube with an inner diameter of 1 inch or 1.25 inches is suitable to be connected. Please ensure the tube is connected tightly.
  4. Select a mounting method and screw the two holders to the place where you mount the unit. Ensure the distance between the two holders is correct.
  5. Ensure all spare parts are properly attached in place before switching on the power.

Green Tip:

Don't spray your driveway, sidewalk, deck or porch with either your sprinkler or hose. If it's dirty, use a broom to remove dirt and dust.

Product Maintenance & Lamp Replacement

  1. Switch off the power before opening the unit. Disconnect the plastic tubing from the unti and pour out the water inside the unit. Undo all the screws on the water inlet/outlet.
  2. Undo the plastic screws between the ballast and unit, the open the cage, take out the lamp sector and quartz tube step by step. Clean the quartz tube and inner surface of the product with a soft sponge or cloth.
  3. If the lamp does NOT need replacing, the unit can be assembled to its original state. For safety considerations, make sure all the parts are properly placed in their original position. Remember to make sure that any O-rings are placed back into the unit when putting the unit back together.

    Caution: When inserting the UV lamp into the quartz tube, please note that the protective switch handle should be placed into the quartz tube so to avoid any damage to the switch. The switch will automatically switch off the power if the user tries to dismantle the UV lamp while it is still working.