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UltraFlo Pump Instructions

The UltraFlo aeration pump offers increased water aeration, making it ideal for situations where you would want an increased level of water oxygenation. In addition, this "filterless" SICCE submersible aeration pump kit can also accommodate both a waterfall, and form a fountain.

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Safety Regulations

Before doing any work on the pump, ensure that it has been unplugged from the electrical outlet. The power cable of this pump cannot be replaced, therefore if it is damaged, the product will be scrapped. Check the voltage on the pump and make sure it corresponds to the main voltage.


Specifications for all Ultra Flo Aeration Pumps
  800 1700 2600 4000
Tubing 3/4" 1" 1" 1"
Head 4.8' 6.6' 9.5' 10'
Watts 11.5 30 33 44
GPH at 0' 200 440 660 1018
GPH at 1' 165 400 640 980
GPH at 2' 140 340 600 920
GPH at 4' 80 200 540 860
GPH at 6' - 60 400 780
GPH at 8' - - 200 370
GPH at 10' - - - 150


Choose the type of water effect you want to install, and fit it onto the telescopic pipe by simply pressing it onto the pump. Turn on the UltraFlo by lifting the locking lever A, lay the pump on the half housing, and match up the telescopic pipe with the outlet provided.

Close the housing, ensuring that the pump rests perfectly on the supporting wings, and that the cable is inserted in the outlet hole. Secure the two half housings by lowering the lever.

Place the UltraFlo in a flat area, easily accessible for maintenance operations, and free from severe formations of algae. Adjust the height of the pipe so that the spray is always above water level. If the filter does not sit firmly on the bottom of the pond, it will be useful to fix it with screws to a support by means of the holes provided on the base of the housing. The cable must be laid on an area where it cannot be damaged in any way. Once the filter has been turned on, you can regulate the size of the water effect by adjusting the diverter on the telescopic pipe.

Green Tip:

Water your garden first thing in the morning or during the evening. Watering your garden or lawn during the hottest part of the day will cause most of the water to evaporate, and won't be of use to your lawn and garden.

Housing Maintenance

For correct operation, UltraFlo requires simple but necessary periodic maintenance. After having disconnected the power supply, simply open the housing and rinse it in running water, using a small brush to remove any scale. Reassemble as described above.

Pump Maintenance

Open the pre-chamber from the pump body, pulling it gently upwards from the base, and then slip out the rotor. Rinse everything in running water, and remove any scale with a small brush.


With the exception of the rotor, this product is guaranteed for a period of 3 years from the date of purchase. This guarantee covers the replacement of damaged parts, however, in the event of improper use, tampering, or negligence of the buyer or user, the guarantee is void and expires immediately. The guarantee is also void if proof of purchase is not presented. The expense for sending and returning the equipment are the responsibility of the buyer.