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SuperGlo Light Instructions

The SuperGlo spot light with 6 meters cable is a small, 12 V operated, halogen lamp, which can be used to light up your pond or any other water decorated device. According to your own preference you can use one of the 5 coloured interchangeable lenses. The spot light must always be completely immerged into the water to allow the cooling off of the bulb light.

SuperGlo Box
Algreen TripleGlo Underwater Light
Algreen TripleGlo Underwater Light


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Remove contents from the box.

  1. Place small attachment piece onto the tray.
  2. Place light on attachemnt using the hook on the side of the light.
  3. Fill try with pebbles to weigh the light down.
  4. Plug end of cord into the transformer and twist cover over top of the connection.
  5. Place the light in the bottom of the pond and run the cord over the side of the pond. Plug into GFCI (Ground Fault Circut Interrupter) outlet.

Note: To change the lens cover twist top of the light counter clockwise and lift off, remove lens and replace with desired colour. Return the cap to the light and twist clockwise.