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SuperFlo Filter Instructions

The SuperFlo filter is an internal filter for ponds with a mechanical and biological function. It may be used with all SuperFlo pumps, greatly reducing maintenance times and considerably improving the water quality thanks to the action of the perobic bacteria that are formed inside it, which are responsible for the nitrogen cycle.

SuperFlo Filter Box
Algreen SuperGlo Underwater Pond Light
Algreen SuperGlo Underwater Pond Light


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To connect the Mechanical and Biological Filter to a SuperFlo pump, you must first remove the pre-filter from the pump. Using a hose, you can then connect the output of the filter to the intake of the pond pump. Please use the 2 clamps provided to tighten the hose around both the output of the filter, and the intake of the pump.

After having connected the couples and the 1” pipe, to the pump, position the super flo filter near the side of the pond or in an easily accessible place, and the pump where you want the water affect.

NOTE: The Superflo filter must be COMPLETELY submerged in water so as to avoid the intake of air. After connecting the filter, ensure the pump connecting the superflo filter and the pump is completely full of water. Any air bubbles may prevent correct priming of the pump.


Lift the handle and turn it from right to left as indicated below by the arrow on the top of the cover. Now separate the top part (leaving the coupling attached to the pipe) from the filtering part at the bottom. Now you can remove the modules and clean the sponges.

Lift the individual modules and separate the blue sponges inside them. Wash it thoroughly using only clean water, without adding detergents. Repeat the operation with the white sponge (in the basket). Before cleaning the white sponge, it is recommended you squeeze it into a bucket to collect the water it contains. Rich in Aerobic bacteria, this is responsible for biological filtration..

Let the dirt settle at the bottom of the bucket and then pour the water back in to the pond. It is recommended to clean the white sponges every other time you clean the sponges. For correct operation of the filter, change the sponges at least annually.


This product is guaranteed against defects in material and workmanship for a period of 3 years from the date of purchase. The guarantee certificate must be filled in by the dealer and must accompany the appliance if it returned for repair, along with the cash register receipt or similar document. The guarantee covers the replacement of the faulty parts. In the event of improper use, tampering or negligence by the buyer or user, the guarantee is void and expires immediately. The guarantee is also void in the absence of the cash register receipt or similar document. The expense for sending and returning the equipment are to be borne by the buyer.

Note: To use this SuperFlo Filter with the SuperFlo 5000/6000 pumps, an additional fitting is required. This can be purchased at your local hardware store.