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Algreen Skimmer Instructions

Pond skimmers are designed to remove leaves, twigs, and other debris from the top of the pond, before they can sink to the bottom of the pond, making the job of cleaning your pond so much easier. Algreen's pond skimmer filter is designed to support ponds up to 5000 gallons in volume.

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Skimmer Dimensions:


Skimmer Operation:

The skimmer is designed to supplement a regular pond filter by removing leaves and other surface debris. For best results it should be run continuously. The skimmer basket should be cleaned regularly. Failure to do so may reduce water flow through the skimmer and could cause pump damage.

How to Clean Skimmer:

Take off the plastic lid and remove the basket from the skimmer and empty out any debris that is caught in the basket. Hose off any other debris that is caught in it. Remove the filter pad and gently rinse it in a large bucket or tub filled with pond water. Cleaning it under tap water will kill any beneficial bacteria that may have built up in the foam.

How to Install Pond Skimmer:

Green Tip:

Set the blades on your lawn mower to the highest possible height - Longer grass grows deeper roots, and helps shade the soil enough to prevent water evaporation.

  1. Dig a hole adjacent to the pond and slightly larger than the skimmer box. Make sure the bottom of the skimmer hole is compacted and level. Place the skimmer into the hole and backfill. Level the skimmer box from front to back and side to side. When you’re finished the normal water level is 3/4 " to 1 1/2 " below the top of the weir opening.
  2. Connect the skimmer to the pond liner. Hold the liner up against the skimmer opening allowing approximately 1" extension above the top of the skimmer box. Allow a little slack liner below the weir opening (the pond liner will settle a little after you have completed installation). Mark the perimeter of the weir opening and then cut out a hole 1/4 " smaller then the weir opening.
  3. Reassemble the weir onto the skimmer box with the pond liner (purchased separately) sandwiched between the weir assembly and skimmer box. Locate the top two corner mounting holes. Using an awl or nail carefully punch holes through the pre-drilled weir plate and liner where the mounting screws are located. Insert the blackened screws and check alignment. The pond liner should fit comfortably.
  4. Disassemble and apply the provided fish safe silicone sealant to the skimmer box around the weir opening and the screw holes. Reassemble. Punch the remaining holes through the liner. Insert screws and tighten nuts in the following order – 1. Top two corners, 2. Bottom two corners, 3. Remaining holes.
  5. Take the two barb-head fittings that are provided and tightly screw them into the bulkhead fitting in the back of the skimmer. To connect a waterfall pump (purchase separately) you place the pump in the back of the skimmer behind the basket and filter mat. Using non-kink tubing and clamps (purchase separately) connect the tubing to the barb-head fitting and secure with a clamp.
  6. With the flat plastic lid that is provided you may wish to use landscape materials to blend it into the surrounding features
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