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What You Will Need

Algreen 30 Gallon Preformed Pond Kit
Algreen 30 Gallon Preformed Pond Kit


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Installing Your Pond

  1. Unfold Your Pond.
    • Remove Folded Pond and Streamlet from Box and cut tape.
    • Unroll Pond and Streamlet. Once streamlet is unfolded, push sides and let stand in direct sunlight for one hour to fully expand.
    • Push on the inside of the pond to open fully. Once the pond is open, and the sides are up, let stand in direct sunlight for one hour to fully expand.
    Unfolding Your Pond
  2. Location of Your Pond. Once you have selected the area for your pond - a flat area, where there is usally at least 4-6 hours of sunlight a day, place your unfolded preformed pond in the desired location. Mark out the perimiter of the pond with a flat shovel or chalk.
  3. Digging A Hole for Your Pond. Dig out the marked area so that it is slightly larger than the depth and perimiter of the pond. Remove all debris (stones, roots, etc.) to avoid punctures. Cover the bottom of the hole and shelves with a thin layer of sand or file soil.
  4. Placing Your Pond. Place the pond in and level the surrounding ground in all directions, so that the soil around your pond is a little bit lower than the lip of your pond. This will prevent water runoff from bringing in any toxins or dirt into your pond.
  5. Install pump. See product instructions.
  6. Backfilling and Filling Your Pond. Before backfilling, the leveled pond should just be above the ground. Start to fill the pond with water while backfilling with sand or fine soil. This ensures that the backfilling process does not warp or bend the wall. Check the level frequently as it is possible the pond could shift. Be sure that the soil is tightly packed around the pond for maximum support.
  7. Landscape Around Your Pond. Place flat rocks such that they slightly overhang the edge of the pond. Landscape the pond to your liking. You can now add a waterfall, a fountain, fish, aquatic plants, lights, and other accessories to your pond!