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Pond Treatments

Algreen SuperGlo Underwater Pond Light
Algreen SuperGlo Underwater Pond Light


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Ammonia Remover

8oz bottle – treats 1600 gallons

Utilizes microbiotic bateria to safely treat ammonia/nitrite problems the natural way. The beneficial bacteria establishes colonies within the pond environment, which serve to effectively reduce dangerous levels of ammonia/nitrites by converting the ammonia into nitrites (or fertilizer). These nitrites are of great benefit to plants, and can be easily absorbed by them.


Nature Clear

Consists of a mixture of the following two treatments:

1. Water Cleanser
Clears cloudy water caused by algae, dirt, bacteria and other organic material. Removes metals from water. A safe, and natural solution that is environmentally-friendly.

2. New Pond
See product description for New Pond below.


Green Tip:

Make your garden larger. Grass needs more water than most other plants. Why not try adding a paved area to your yard, or a mulch bed around your trees to help reduce grassed areas?

New Pond

8oz bottle – treats 8000 gallons

Contains patented live beneficial bacteria which have been enhanced to keep fish ponds clean, clear and healthy. Completely natural and beneficial to pond life, it is 100% environmentally safe, non-pathogenic, non-toxic, and is able to eliminates foul odors. Works in a wide range of pH and is effective in helping Mother Nature keep pond water clean and clear. It breaks down sludge that usually builds up at the pond bottom and helps to control build up of wild life waste. This treatment promotes fish health through its new probiotic formulation of bacteria, and thereby helps to protect fish against disease. It is especially effective at seeding and maintaining biological filters when used on a regular basis. Clear Pond functions in water temperatures under 55°F and over 90°F.


Pond Shade

8oz bottle – treats 6000 gallons

A non-toxic coloring agent that will change your pond water into a beautiful dark blue shade. This dark color reduces the amount of sunlight (UV light) that penetrates the water, which helps to reduce algae growth. It will not harm or discolor ornamental aquatic plants and fish.