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How to Install a Liner Pond

What You Will Need

Starter 100 Gallon Liner Pond Kit
Starter 100 Gallon Liner Pond Kit


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Installing Your Pond

  1. Mark the desired outline for your pond with a rope or chalk.
  2. Remove the majority of the dirt/sand,, then dig out the shelves. Most ponds are designed with shelves 9" to 12" below water level to hold plants.
  3. Dig out area of pond. Pond sides should slope in about 20° from the vertical. Using a flat spade, cut a ledge 2" to 3" deep around the edge of the pond for the edging material. Check the edges of the hole with a level.
  4. Prepare the hole for the pond liner by removing sharp stones or roots. Fabric liner underlay is recommended. This will protect your liner from punctures or tears that can be caused by roots or rocks.
  5. Carefully place the liner in the hole. Start filling the pond with water. Smooth out wrinkles in the liner. Cut off any excess, leaving enough material to extend underneath your edging materials. Anchor the liner with long nails around the edge.
  6. Add edging materials to weigh down and hide the pond liner for a more natural look. Now landscape and enjoy!