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MaxFlo Waterfall Pump Instructions

This powerful solids-handling, magnet-driven waterfall pump is mandatory for any waterfall or watercourse.

SuperFlo 2000 Box

Note: Always disconnect from electrical outlet before handling the pump.

Watts Max
Flow Rate
Flow Height
MaxFlo 9,000 190 W 2,500 GPH 12' 1" , 1 1/2 "
MaxFlo 12,000 270 W 3,200 GPH 18' 1" , 1 1/2 "
MaxFlo 16,000 320 W 4,000 GPH 19' 1 1/2 "
MaxFlo 20,000 420 W 5,000 GPH 22' 1 1/2 "
Stainless Steel Pond Pumps
Stainless Steel Pond Pumps


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If the pump fails to operate, check the following:

If the pump is not moving the water at a consistent rate:

If abnormal noise is heard during regular operation:

If any breakage or damage is found on the assembly contact your distributor for a replacement part.

Green Tip:

Air conditioning accounts for 11% of the typical electricity bill - turning down the air conditioner just one degree with help you save money.

Safety Instructions


Regular Maintenance to Extend your Pump's Life:

To clean pump: