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Liner Repair Kit Instructions

Ultimate 700 Gallon Liner Pond Kit
Ultimate 700 Gallon Liner Pond Kit


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  1. Ensure that the liner is free of mud or other contaminants prior to the application of the QuickPrime.
  2. Once the EPDM membrane is dry, pour a small amount of the QuickPrime solution onto the area that requires patching. Always wear gloves when applying QuickPrime!
  3. Apply the QuickPRimer to the required patch area using the scrubber pad.
  4. Allow the QuickPRime to get tacky prior to applying the QuickSeam patch.
  5. Peel off the paper backing from the QuickSeam patch and apply to the damaged area of the liner.
  6. Roll the patch evenly, ensuring that all areas are free of blisters. Allow the QuickPRimer to completely bond prior to subjecting the patch to water. Always wash hands thoroughly after using Quickprimer. Keep quickprimer out of the reach of children.