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Floating Solar Frog Light


  • Solar powered light by high quality mono crystalline solar power
  • Super Bright LED
  • Waterproof design provides longer life in all weather conditions
  • Automatic sensors turns light on at dusk
  • Solar rechargeable AA Ni-Cd battery included
  • Auto/Off Switch
  • Poly Housin
Solar Frog Light Box
Fish Care Package
Fish Care Package


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Location of the Solar Light

  1. Solar Light must be positioned in a way where it can get direcr sunlight on the solar panel, and generally free cover from shade.
  2. Make sure that the photo sensor is not going to be illuminated by any other light source. Otherwise the light will not illuminate at dusk.
  3. The solar light must be left to charge for 2 sunny days before best results are achieved.

Assembly Instructions

  1. Carefully remove the solar light and all the fittings out of the box.
  2. Push the switch on the lamp ONCE, this will change it to the "AUTO" position. Push it again to change it to "OFF".


Replacing the Battery

For best results, replace the battery every 12 months To replace the battery:

  1. Unscrew the battery cover.
  2. Remove the old battery. Make sure the new batteries are Ni-Cd Rechargeable batteries. Do not use alkaline.
  3. Insert the new battery. Make sure the battery has been put in the correct direction.
  4. Replace the and afix the battery cover to the unit.


Clean the solar unit regularly with a damp towel to guarantee optium performance of the solar panel. Do not use any type of solvent for cleaning and be careful not to use to much pressure when cleaning the unit.