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EasyFlo Pond Pump Instructions

Easy 2400 Box
Stainless Steel Pond Pumps
Stainless Steel Pond Pumps


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The EasyFlo pump has been designed to minimize maintenance requirements. The grid filtering system, special Vortex impeller configuration and ceramic shaft-bearings system makes the EasyFlo a highly reliable pump. The pump features a diverter for adjusting the flow of the main jet and, if required, to draw off an amount of water to supply a waterfall.

Supplied accessories provide you with endless options for customizing your fountain. Thanks to the Vortex impeller feature, the pump can be used with a biological or pressure filter and are virtually maintenance free.


The EasyFlo pump comes ready for use. Simply connect the tap, elescopic pipe and chosen spray nozzle to the pump outlet and place the pump in the water. For best results, the spray nozzle should stick out of the water by ten centimetres or so: height is adjusted with the aid of the ring nut on the telescopic pipe (fig. 3). When using the pump in a pond with an uneven bottom, make sure the pump lies on an horizontal surface approx 10/15 cm off the bottom, away from mud and algae.


  1. Attach pre-filter grid to pump by screwing it on.
  2. Attach diverter and fountain to the pump by screwing the diverter into the threaded hole.
  3. Attach riser by screwing it into the diverter until snug.
  4. Screw the connector onto the riser until snug.
  5. To make fountain head higher place round washer inside the connector and fit over top of the extension piece.
  6. Place desired fountain head on extension piece by pushing down until snug. This pump comes with four fountain head designs - the size of the waterbell can be adjusted by turning the round piece on top of the fountain head.
  7. Screw desired foutain design into the fountain head until snug.

The flow of the water to your fountain head can be adjusted by turning the knob on your diverter.

For a waterfall

In order to create a waterfall, place a clamp over tubing. Fit tubing over diverter. Tighten clamp over tubing with a flat head screwdriver.

Please Note:

Do not plug in your pump until it is fully immersed in water. Never run your pump dry!

Green Tip:

Don't spray your driveway, sidewalk, deck or porch with either your sprinkler or hose. If it's dirty, use a broom to remove dirt and dust.


To adjust fountain size, turn the flow adjuster (fig. 3), which also enables you to use a second jet.


We recommend performing maintenance at regular intervals, or when the height of the jet of water or size of the decorative fountain start to decrease, at least. To clean the filter, simply disconnect the fountain assembly, wash the grid under running water. To clean the pump, remove the pump's front cover and slide the rotor from its housing. You should wash the rotor under running water, removing scale or other deposits that might have build up. Refit all parts, making sure you push the front cover all the way back into its slot. Refit the grid. At the end of tthe season, store the pump in a dry place once you have performed the necessary maintenance.

Safety Regulations

Statuary Pumps
Statuary Pumps


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  1. Check that the voltage indicated on the label of the product matches the mains voltage.
  2. Prior to connecting the unit to the mains, make sure that both the cord and the pump are not damaged.
  3. Warning: Risk of electric shock. This pump is supplied with a grounding conductor and grounding-type attachment plug. To reduce the risk of electrick shock, be certain that it is connected only to a properly grounded, grounding-type receptacle.
  4. The pump is build with a Z-type connection, which means that the cord and the plug cannot be repaired. If these are damaged, the whole unit must be replaced.
  5. It is very important that the pump is protected upstream by a differential switch (overload cutout) with breaking current equal to: lΔn<30mA
  6. Warning: To reduce the risk of electric shock, use only on portable self-contained fountains no larger than 5 feet in any dimension.
  7. Warning: Before carrying out any kind of maintenance in the water or out, disconnect the unit from the mains. Should the connection plug or the power outlet get wet, the master switch must be turned off before unplugging the power cord.
  8. Do not use the unit for purposes for which it was not produced, in bathtubs for instance or similar.
  9. To prevent accidental dripping from wetting the plug or the power outlet, use the cord to create a drip loop under the lower outlet level.
  10. Keep out of the reach of children
  11. When installing and carrying out maintenance on the unit, avoid lifting it by the power cord; use the ring provided for this purpose.
  12. Avoid operating the unit with corosive and abrasive liquids.
  13. Protect from frost. Do not use the pump or remove it from the water when there is a risk of frost.
  14. The unit is completely submersible.
  15. The unit cannot be used in water with temperature higher than 35°C.


This product is under guarantee for a period of 2 years from the date of purchase, from parts and manufacturing faults. Warranty does not cover wearing parts. Pump rotor is covered by a 1-year warranty. The certificate of guarantee must be filled out in full by the retailer and should be sent with the apparatus in the event of repairs, along with the receipt or equivalent. The warranty covers replacement of faulty parts. In the event of improper use, bad handling or negligence by the owner, user or retailier, the warranty becomes automatically null and void. Furthermore, the warranty is invalid if there is no receipt or equivalent. Postage costs are at the buyer's expense.