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Deluxe Cascata Rain Barrel with Pump-Driven Watering System

Eco-Friendly Spike Lawn Sprinkler
Eco-Friendly Spike Lawn Sprinkler


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The Cascata Rain Barrel is an effective water conservation tool. The water the cascata stores is for gardening purposes only and should not be consumed by people or animals. The Deluxe Cascata with Pump-Driven Watering System makes watering your garden that much easier. Instead of using a watering can, you can water your garden directly from your rain barrel!

There are two parts when installing your Deluxe Cascata Rain Barrel. First, you need to install the pump into your rain barrel. After that has been completed, you need to install your rain barrel by your eavestrough so it can start collecting rain.

Installing your rain barrel pump

Upgraded Deluxe Rain Barrel Package with Pump-Driven Watering System includes:


Basic electrical connections need to be made, take caution. Consult you local electrician for further instructions. A “GFI” electrical outlet should be utilized for this installation.

The pump is not designed to run "dry" – water is required. Do not plug in pump prior to the filling of the rain barrel. Pump should be removed before the first frost, not to be left in rain barrel over winter

Green Tip:

Air conditioning accounts for 11% of the typical electricity bill - turning down the air conditioner just one degree with help you save money.

Installation instructions

Instructions below should be read through fully prior to installing the rain barrel.

  1. Screw black drain plug into the bottom of the rain barrel. This should fit snuggly to prevent leaking from the bottom of the rain barrel.
  2. Remove pump from box and feed the electrical cord through the larger outlet in the back of rain barrel - from the inside of the rain barrel.
  3. Feed cut end of garden hose through the same larger outlet, this time from the outside of the rain barrel.
  4. Insert the cut end of garden hose all the way into the outlet on top of the pump. The hose should be inserted so it fits snuggly into the outlet.
  5. OPTIONAL: Use plumbers tape to securely fasten the hose to the pump. Wrap tape tightly in and around the seam where the hose and outlet come in contact.
  6. Gently lower the pump to the base of the rain barrel; try to have the pump sitting in an upright position.

Warning: Do not plug in pump prior to the filling of the rain barrel. The pump is not designed to run “dry”. To turn off the pump, unplug the electrical connection. An extension cord will be required in order for the pump to reach the “GFI” outlet. Keep connection between pump and extension dry. Electrical tape or a plastic fitting can be used to prevent corrosion in the prongs of the plug (from moisture).

  1. You may now proceed with all the remainder of the rain barrel installation steps. Please see basic Cascata installation instructions for further information on how to install your rain barrel.
  2. Once the rain barrel is sufficiently filled, plug in extension cord and begin watering with garden hose. Wrap the hose around a regular hose hanger for aesthetics and easier storage. Unplug pump when watering is completed.