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Algreen Bio Waterfall Instructions

The BioWaterfall Filter, designed for ponds up to 5000 gallons, has been uniquely designed to have multi-levels of filtration, both mechanical and biological as well as create a large waterfall. For best results it should be run continuously. The Filter Rack should be cleaned regularly. Failure to do so may reduce water flow over the BioWaterfall.

Bio Waterfall Filter Box
Algreen Bio Waterfall Filter
Algreen Bio Waterfall Filter


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Dimension of the BioFalls Filter: 24x21x17

How to Clean BioWaterfall:

Take off the plastic lid and remove the Filter Rack from the BioWaterfall and empty out any debris that is caught in there. You can hose off any other debris that is caught in it. Also remove the filter mat and hose off any debris that is caught in it as well.

How to Install Pond BioWaterfall:

  1. Remove all the filter media and rinse off any dust and debris. Replace the filter media back into the BioWaterfall in the same order it was in.
  2. Choose an appropriate location for the BioWaterfall, it should be high enough to allow for proper drainage.
  3. Create a stable foundation to place the BioWaterfall on. Ensure that the BioWaterfall is level and will drain properly.
  4. Attach the bulkhead fitting with the barbed fitting to the BioWaterfall with a gasket on either side of the pre-cut hole.
  5. To connect a waterfall pump (purchase separately) use non-kink tubing and clamps (purchase separately) connect the tubing to the barb-head fitting and secure with a clamp.
  6. With the flat plastic lid that is provided you may wish to use landscape materials to blend it into the surrounding features.
Bio Waterfall Components