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Bamboo Kit Installation Instructions and Care

Brick Wall and Water Jug Fountain
Brick Wall and Water Jug Fountain


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You Will Need

Please read through all instruction before starting.

To Start

Once you have found a place for your Bamboo Fountain Pond you will need to mark the diameter of the barrel. Keep in mind that the lip of the barrel should be on top of the ground not under it.


With your garden shovel, dig a hole for the pond. The pond is 15" deep so your hole shouldn’t be more than 14" deep to allow for the lip to be above ground.


To prepare the hole for the pond you must remove any sharp stones or roots. These things could puncture the pond shell. After the pond is in place fill it ¾ full of water. Now you will need to attach the given tubing to the pump. The Bamboo Fountain will have tubing already attached to it, run the tubing through the hole in the lid and fit onto pump. Place the pump in the water. Once the lid is on the pond, place the Bamboo Fountain over the raised hole. It should fit snug. Now all you have to do is cover the lid with rocks, decorate and enjoy.

Bamboo Kit

Green Tip:

Don't spray your driveway, sidewalk, deck or porch with either your sprinkler or hose. If it's dirty, use a broom to remove dirt and dust.

Care and Maintenance

With the proper care and maintenance this pond will last a very long time and look more beautiful with each year. Simple steps can be taken to ensure a long life from your pond. Clean your pump regularly to prevent build up. If your pump stops working, unplug it and take it out of the pond. Follow the care instructions given in your pump kit box. Keep a close eye on the water levels in the pond to ensure there is enough water and your pump won’t run dry.

Winter Care

Winterizing this pond is very simple. Drain the pond so that there is only ¼ of the water left. This is to ensure that when the ground freezes the pond will stay in place. The pump and bamboo fountain should be removed, cleaned and stored indoors for the winter months.


The Bamboo Fountain Kit carries a 2 year limited warranty on the pump motor and a 20 year limited warranty on the pond. The warranty covers manufacturers defects only. The warranty does NOT cover consumer neglect or misuse.