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Agua Rain Barrel Instructions and Care Manual

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Please read through all instructions before starting.

The Agua is an excellent way to conserve water. The water kept in the Agua Rain Barrel is for gardening purposes only and should not be consumed by humans or animals.

What You Need:

To Start

Start by choosing a location for the Agua Rain Barrel where there is a down spout near by. Also try to find a spot near garden beds and containers filled watering cans can be quite heavy to carry to your garden!

Agua Instructions

  1. Place the Screen Guard in the open area on the top of the Agua Rain Barrel.
  2. Attach the Hook for the Hose to the Agua Rain Barrel by putting it into one of the three pre-drilled holes on the top of the Rain Barrel.
  3. Attach the Nozzle with Shut-off Valve to the threaded end of the Hose.
  4. Attach the cut end of the Hose to the base of the Agua Rain Barrel: Place the clamp over the Hose then place over the water outlet. Using a Flat Head Srewdriver tighten the clamp over the Hose and water outlet.

Using The Planter

The Agua Rain Barrel has a built in planter to make it even more beautiful. To use the planter simply drill the dimpled areas inside the planter. Fill the planter with soil and place plants inside.

Care and Maintenance

The Agua Rain Barrel needs little care. There is an over flow outlet in the back to prevent water from coming out of the top of the Rain Barrel.

To prepare for winter, partially empty the rain barrel and either remove the hose from the bottom to allow for water drainage or to leave the shut-off nozzle on the hose open. Or, drain the water fully and cover the top so no new water can enter the barrel.


The Agua Rain Barrel carries a 20 Year Limited Warranty on the Barrel only. All accessories included with the Agua Rain Barrel are NOT included in the Warranty. The Warranty covers manufacturers defects only. The Warranty does NOT cover neglect or owners misuse.

Proof of purchase must be presented to cover any warranties.