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Algreen 1800 Gallon Liner Kit Installation Guide

Algreen Professional Pond Kit
Algreen Professional Pond Kit


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What You Need:

Our 1800 Gallon Liner Kit is easy to install with these instructions.

1. Plan Your Pond

How much space do you have to work with? Using this space accordingly, create a plan for your water garden:

2. Excavation of Your Pond

3. Installing the Skimmer and Bio Waterfall

Green Tip:

When planning your garden, include trees and shrubs. Placed correctly, they can reduce the heating and cooling costs for your home.

4. Lining the Pond

5. Adding the pumps, lights and UV Clarifier.

6. Build your upper tier or stream

Your Bio Waterfall will feed the top of your stream, or the top tier of your pond.

Ultimate Plus 1400 Gallon Liner Pond Kit
Ultimate Plus 1400 Gallon Liner Pond Kit


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7. Backfill Topsoil

8. Build Retaining Wall (If Required)

9. Fill the Pond

10. Add Edging to your Pond

Edging helps to weight down the liner and create a natural look. It can include rocks, boulders or sod. Add this around the edge of the pond.