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What can be composted?

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When you start thinking about what kind of items can be added to your compost, keep in mind that almost anything that is organic and can decompose is be a suitable component. You don't, however, want items that are too high in nitrogen or carbon, or items that can react to the composting process. You want a ratio of nitrogen to carbon that is about 25:1.

Some hints to think about when you're looking into what you will be putting into your composter are:

What to Compost

What Not to Compost

Green Tip:

Prevent Runoff by using plants that cover the entire ground surface. Runoff can carry harmful chemicals, pesticides and excessive amounts of phosphorus and nitrogen into waterways.

Terra Composter

Above Algreen's new 50 gallon Terra Composter is a new style of composter! No longer will you be hiding your composter in shame; this sleek looking composter can now be displayed proudly in your garden! Designed to look like terracotta, this lightweight composter is made of high quality, durable plastic that will not crack, chip or fade. Rear door design makes it difficult for rodents to get into composter. Composter includes compost turner.