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How to use Home Compost

Algreen 144 Gallon Preformed Pond Kit
Algreen 144 Gallon Preformed Pond Kit


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There are so many different options for how you can use your compost, all of which are beneficial to both your plants and the environment.

On the lawn:

As Potting Mix:

As Mulch:

Green Tip:

Set the blades on your lawn mower to the highest possible height - Longer grass grows deeper roots, and helps shade the soil enough to prevent water evaporation.

Soil Amendment:

For Vegetables

Compost Tea

Never use unfinished compost

You will know that your compost is done when it is dark brown in colour, looks like crumbly soil, and has a rich, earthy smell to it. You don’t ever want to use compost that isn’t completely finished, as it will just take nutrients from the soil instead of adding nutrients to it. This can harm your plants. Before using your compost, you may want to spread it out on a tarp to dry the compost out. Alternatively, you can screen your compost by passing it through a small-gauge fencing material to remove any large pieces from the compost. Any pieces that aren’t finished can be re-added to your composter.

Terra Composter

Above- Algreen's new 50 gallon Terra Composter Bin. No longer will you be hiding your composter in shame; this sleek looking composter can be displayed proudly in your garden! Designed to look like terracotta, this lightweight composter is made of high quality, durable plastic that will not crack, chip or fade. Rear door design makes it difficult for rodents to get into composter. Composter includes compost turner.