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Practical Green Living Can Save You Money Around The House

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By Gerry

I lived green back in the 90's, way before "living green" was fashionable. Back then, "living green" was called something else: "living cheaply."

During these tough economic times, it would help everyone to save a bit of money. Coincidently, saving money can also be good for the environment! There are three main ways how we can live more green: reduce, re-use, and recycle.


When I was young, I was raised with the axiom: "Waste not, want not." My parents imposed this upon us by literally forcing us to remain at the dinner table until every last grain of rice was consumed.


New isn't always the best. In fact, re-using items can save you money because used merchandise will cost less than new merchandise. Re-using items also cuts down on landfill waste.

Green Tip:

Prevent Runoff by using plants that cover the entire ground surface. Runoff can carry harmful chemicals, pesticides and excessive amounts of phosphorus and nitrogen into waterways.


Recycling is good for the environment because it reduces the demand for non-renewable resources (e.g. metal, glass, etc.), while reducing landfill. You can also make a small profit from recycling, if you're really keen!