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Green Decor For Your Garden

Rock Planter
Rock Planter


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A garden is more than just plants. You need to accessorize your garden so that it's not only more than just a flower bed, but also more of a place that you'll want to spend time in.

Some decor items you may want to add to your garden:

When planning your garden decor, try to use green decor. Select sustainable and eco-friendly materials that promote healthy living for both your family and Mother Earth. Your can easily create an environmentally-friendly garden using green decor.

Reduce consumption of wood supplies

Avoid use of wood treatments

Utilize green deck washes and finishes

Green Tip:

Make your garden larger. Grass needs more water than most other plants. Why not try adding a paved area to your yard, or a mulch bed around your trees to help reduce grassed areas?

Landscape to save energy

Use natural materials



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Use products that are made of recycled materials!

Purchase a greener BBQ grill

Use solar power!