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Green Decor For Your Garden

Algreen 30 Gallon Preformed Pond Kit
Algreen 30 Gallon Preformed Pond Kit


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A garden is more than just plants. You need to accessorize your garden so that it's not only more than just a flower bed, but also more of a place that you'll want to spend time in.

Some decor items you may want to add to your garden:

When planning your garden decor, try to use green decor. Select sustainable and eco-friendly materials that promote healthy living for both your family and Mother Earth. Your can easily create an environmentally-friendly garden using green decor.

Reduce consumption of wood supplies

Avoid use of wood treatments

Utilize green deck washes and finishes

Green Tip:

Use a push mower. As push mowers are completely manually powered, using one of these will eliminate the gas or electricity you use when mowing your lawn.

Landscape to save energy

Use natural materials

2-Way Spike Lawn Sprinkler
2-Way Spike Lawn Sprinkler


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Use products that are made of recycled materials!

Purchase a greener BBQ grill

Use solar power!