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Plants & Backyard Gardens: Attractive & Environmentally-Friendly Additions to Your Home

Eco-Friendly Spike Lawn Sprinkler
Eco-Friendly Spike Lawn Sprinkler


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Plants help you to get back in touch with nature. Not only do they help clean the air, but they consume carbon dioxide (a greenhouse gas) and convert it back to breathable oxygen. A garden also gives you the ability to grow your own food and support local biodiversity.

When designing your own backyard garden, choose plants that are suitable to your local eco-system. Plants that can survive in your local conditions will thrive without needing too many fertilizers and pesticides. These fertilizers and pesticides are hazardous to wildlife, and can result in the pollution of local waterways.

What to look for when selecting plants for your garden

Backyard gardens can help the environment

Green Tip:

Water your garden first thing in the morning or during the evening. Watering your garden or lawn during the hottest part of the day will cause most of the water to evaporate, and won't be of use to your lawn and garden.

Warning: Backyard Gardens can Hurt the Environment

Cascata Rain Barrel
Cascata Rain Barrel


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