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Rain Barrels Can Collect Air Conditioner Condensate

Posted by gerry @ 12:06 pm on December 9, 2010

The lack of rain in your area does not excuse you from not installing a rain barrel.  

 Madison Rain Barrel

Many homeowners who live in dry areas have air conditioners.  And air conditioners produce water condensate that can be collected in a rain barrel.  This condensate can be recycled for everyday watering of your plants and garden.  All you have to do is to collect the condensate drain pipe from your air conditioner to your rain barrel!

[ More information about collecting air conditioner condensate ]

In the News: Algranti’s Green Rebirth

Posted by Courtney @ 11:38 am on November 12, 2008

We’ve been mentioned in an article in the Waterloo Record: Algranti’s green rebirth!

Gerry with Rain Barrels

Gerry with Rain Barrels

An excerpt:

Polls showed the environment was becoming a top-of-mind issue for North Americans, and the region had just gone through a water shortage.

Trade magazines talked about the popularity of rain barrels in drought-prone areas, but the ones available for sale were not visually appealing.

After experimenting with different designs, the company came up with two sizes of rain barrels designed to look like terracotta pots. A planter in the lid allows shrubbery to spill over the top, integrating the barrels into the surroundings.
Algranti’s Green Rebirth, Matt Walcoff, November 12, 2008