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BMW’s New Zero-Emission Electric Vehicle

Posted by gerry @ 8:41 am on August 13, 2009

As part of a joint venture between Bosch and Samsung SDI, BMW has announced that they will launch an electric vehicle (using state-of-the-art lithium-ion battery technology) as a sub-brand of BMW.  Let it be known that when BMW talks about sustainability, they back up their word with actions.

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Loblaws charging for plastic bags

Posted by Courtney @ 10:58 am on January 13, 2009

On Monday, Loblaws started charging $0.05 for the use of plastic bags in Toronto. By April 22nd (Earth Day), all the stores across Canada will be charging for plastic bags.

Personally, I think this is a great idea, and I applaud them for making the effort to do something that would reduce waste in our landfills. I already bring my own canvas bags and grocery bins. But if I didn’t already, would this encourage me to? I don’t know. I’m a little skeptical that 5¢ is going to make much of a difference. It’s the whole convenience factor – spend 5¢ or bring your own? Yes, it would add up quite quickly – imagine for a four person household how many plastic bags would be used per week for grocery shopping… but are they charging enough to make people want to change their habits?

GardenSuperMart rain barrels – getting a lot of exposure!

Posted by shawn @ 2:27 pm on November 12, 2008

The Cascata & Agua rain barrels we sell our continuing to receive a lot of positive feedback and press coverage. Throughout the gardening season we had been hearing rave reviews about these products from satisfied customers from all over the United States and Canada. Blogs, magazines, green-living websites have all commented on how great these rain barrels are. Websites like Garden Rant, Groovy Green, Gardening Life, This Garden is Illegal, and many more love these barrels.

We recently released a video on the making of a rain barrel which can be viewed here: rain barrel video this video will show you a totally different perspective on this popular product. Watch step-by-step how a rain barrels starts off as a clear plastic pellet and is transformed into the beautiful creations you see on our website.


In the News: Algranti’s Green Rebirth

Posted by Courtney @ 11:38 am on

We’ve been mentioned in an article in the Waterloo Record: Algranti’s green rebirth!

Gerry with Rain Barrels

Gerry with Rain Barrels

An excerpt:

Polls showed the environment was becoming a top-of-mind issue for North Americans, and the region had just gone through a water shortage.

Trade magazines talked about the popularity of rain barrels in drought-prone areas, but the ones available for sale were not visually appealing.

After experimenting with different designs, the company came up with two sizes of rain barrels designed to look like terracotta pots. A planter in the lid allows shrubbery to spill over the top, integrating the barrels into the surroundings.
Algranti’s Green Rebirth, Matt Walcoff, November 12, 2008