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What are the top 5 greenest pets?

Posted by gerry @ 4:39 pm on December 1, 2010

According to Samantha from Animal Planet, here are 5 ways you can make pet-ownership more eco-freidnly:

1. Adopt a pet
2. Keep the cat indoors
3. Get a pet that has a dual-purpose (e.g. lays eggs)
4. Small dogs
5. Low-maintenance pets

My suggestion?

Put your pet waste in a solar digester or pet poo converter!

One Million Acts of Green

Posted by Courtney @ 10:16 am on December 8, 2008

I joined a new(ish) website over the weekend – One Million Acts of Green. This website counts how much greenhouse gases you’re saving with each “act of green” that you commit. For example, packing a literless lunch saves 100 kg of greenhouse gases.

A lot of the things listed on the site I don’t have the ability to do, what with living in an apartment building – there is a good portion that is related strictly to home projects (such as hot water pipe insulation).

What I like best about this site, though, is that I can quantify what I’m doing – I like that I can put a number of greenhouse gases I’m reducing. Awesome!

Are you a member there?