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BMW’s New Zero-Emission Electric Vehicle

Posted by gerry @ 8:41 am on August 13, 2009

As part of a joint venture between Bosch and Samsung SDI, BMW has announced that they will launch an electric vehicle (using state-of-the-art lithium-ion battery technology) as a sub-brand of BMW.  Let it be known that when BMW talks about sustainability, they back up their word with actions.

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Shutting Off Your Engine Instead of Idling

Posted by gerry @ 10:16 am on September 29, 2008

I was stuck in a non-moving traffic accident this weekend because all the lanes on a major highway were closed.  Once I realized that the stoppage would be long-term, to reduce unecessary emissions from idling, I shut off my engine.

It’s amazing how many drivers will leave their engines on, and idle, during prolonged traffic jams.  During a prolonged traffic jam, I’m usually quite content fiddling around with my radio, and any other peripheral devices plugged into the cigarette lighter, which all function fine on the car’s AC power.