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Warding off the Electricity Vampires

Posted by Courtney @ 7:53 am on October 1, 2008

Alright, I admit it. Whenever I hear the term “vampire power” or “electricity vampire” the first thing that pops into my head is always a picture of Bela Lugosi.

Campy black and white vampire movies aside, vampire power is a serious issue. Five percent of the electricity used in the USA every year is all because of products that are electricity vampires. This means that even when electronics are turned off, they use up energy – for example, if it is in standby mode so the device knows when you use a remote control to turn it on. Five percent may not seem like a lot, but the International Energy Agency has estimated that, globally, this equals 200-400 terawatts of energy consumption per year. Wow!

There’s an awesome graphic here that shows how much vampire power various electronics use – it’s quite interesting to see how much it costs the average person annually for vampire power.

There are some things you can do to help lower that number – there are power bars out that kill vampire power, and you should definitely pay attention when you’re purchasing new electronics to energy ratings. Me? I’m all for unplugging electronics when I’m not using them. (Would these be the metaphorical garlic bulb to ward off electricity vampires? I think so!)