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Is Carbon Capturing Really a Solution?

Posted by gerry @ 1:17 pm on October 30, 2008

Underground storage of carbon dioxide has been proposed as a solution to climate change.  At the moment, Canada is home to one of the world’s largest carbon storage projects, in Weyburn, Sask.  However, around the world, the private sector and governments are not spending sufficient time and resources required to develop technology for capturing and disposing of carbon emissions.

To me, the capture of carbon seems to be a short-term fix, and not a long term solution.  As with any waste material, there is only a finite amount you can bury before underground until capacity is reached.  As well, there are unresolved issues about the liability involved for breaching stored carbon.  In my opinion, carbon capture is akin to shoving all your debris in your coat closet before company comes over; at some point, your guests may accidently open the closet…

GardenSuperMart is Now a Carbon Free Organization

Posted by gerry @ 7:37 am on October 8, 2008

GardenSuperMart has joined 650 other organizations in becoming a CarbonFund.Org partner!  We have offset our carbon emissions and our now officially carbon-neutral.

As per CarbonFund’s website, Carbon offsets allow companies to take action on global warming now. Offsetting our carbon footprint supports greenhouse gas reduction projects and hastens the transition to a clean energy future.

Carbon offsets can be more efficient than other measures an individual can take to fight global warming, while reducing the same or more carbon dioxide emissions. After all, it is more cost effective to build a 100 MW wind farm in Texas than a 5 kW windmill in your own back yard.

We encourage all companies to join us in achieving carbon neutrality: reduce carbon emissions when possible, and offset carbon emissions when it’s not.

Wal-Mart eliminating plastic bag waste

Posted by shawn @ 2:33 pm on September 30, 2008

I read a very interesting article on treehugger this morning stating that Wal-Mart is attempting to eliminate plastic bag waste by 1/3 by 2013, from their current 2008 levels. I think it’s fantastic that some major corporations are finally realizing they have to be held accountable for the significant carbon footprint their business endeavors trail with them.

To put this waste reduction plan into perspective for you, by eliminating plastic bags by 1/3 per store they will actually reduce an estimated 290,000 tonnes of carbon emissions and energy consumption equal to 678,000 barrels of oil!

As long as Wal-Mart turns this realization into reality this is a very positive leap for big business thinking green.

Read entire article

My Air Conditioning-Free Summer

Posted by gerry @ 2:16 pm on September 26, 2008

I have officially survived the entire summer of 2008 WITHOUT an air conditioner.

Air conditioning over summer months is one of the biggest drains of electricity.   According to Wikipedia, the following activities are the biggest consumers of electricity in households:

32% space heating
13% water heating
12% lighting
11% air conditioning
8% refrigeration
5% electronics (includes computers)
5% wet-clean (mostly clothes dryers)

By doing away with air conditioning, not only am I saving a significant amount of money in electricity bills, but I’m also doing my part to offset my carbon footprint (from having to drive a compact car around town).