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Pond Pumps Customer Testimonial

Pond Pump Kit, Superflo 2000
Pond Pump Kit, Superflo 2000


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By: Brenda, Winnipeg, Manitoba

I purchased pumps from several retailers, and they never made it to their second year. But then I tried the Algreen Superflo line of pumps and I was impressed! Algreen's pond pumps are very small, but also very powerful! I can attest to the fact that the Superflo pond pumps operate very quietly, and are also very energy-efficient! And not to mention the fact that both my Superflo pumps outlived their 2-year warranties.

The great thing about the SuperFlo line of pumps is that they come with their own pre-filters. Each pump includes a diverter valve with adjustable knobs, which allow for the adjustment of water flow to your watercourse or fountain.

I am also building a larger liner pond in my backyard with a 5' waterfall. So when it came time to find a pond pump, I went with Algreen's MaxFlo waterfall pump. The Maxflo is a powerful solids-handling, magnet-driven waterfall pond pump. This pump can either be used as a submersible unit, or fit right into any skimmer.

The great thing about Algreen's pond pumps is their exceptional quality. Their pumps are all magnet-driven. This means that the earth-magnets in the motors of these pond pumps are made from rare earth alloys, which are substantially stronger than the ferrite magnets which inexpensive pumps utilize. This is why Algreen is able to provide a 2-year warranty with all of their pond pumps!

The next time you need a pond pump, I would recommend that you go with the best: reach for an Algreen pump!