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Saving water never felt so good!

Cascata Rain Barrel

The Cascata rain barrel can help to save water, and can look aesthetically-pleasing at the same time.

GUELPH – Global warming and human industrialization have created an urgent and immediate need for all homeowners to conserve water.

The world's available supply of drinking water is shrinking, while we are constantly consuming more water – in fact, according to Environment Canada, while the Canadian population had only grown by 33.6 percent between 1972 and 1996, our water consumption had increased by 90 percent, from 6,340 gallons per year in 1972 to 11,887 gallons per year in 1996.

It's up to us, the individual homeowners, to help save water. By following the guidelines below, we can be part of the solution – not part of the problem.

Tip #1: Re-use rainwater to water your garden by investing in a rain barrel. Rain barrels, such as the Cascata, can help save water and look aesthetically-pleasing. The Cascata is made in Canada and is designed to withstand a Canadian winter. Itís available for pickup in Cambridge. Call 519-624-2554 to inquire.

Tip #2: Use a water-efficient sprinkler to water your lawn. Use a sprinkler or watering system that delivers water in a fine mist to improve delivery of water to the roots. For example, the Rainforest line of sprinklers consume 1/3 less than most oscillating sprinklers and generates a gentle mist that wonít damage small plants. You can order this line of sprinklers from

Green Tip:

Group plants in your garden that have similar watering needs together.

Tip #3: Use compost for your garden. This helps to retain water in the soil in the root zone, and also adds useful nutrients back to the soil. You can buy a composter at the Waste Resource Innovation Centre at 110 Dunlop Dr., or at ARC Industries at 533 Imperial Rd. North. Call the city at 519-767-0598 for more information about composters.

Tip #4: Plant native water-wise plants. Water-wise plants have smaller and lightly-coloured leaves that reduce water loss and reflect sunlight instead of absorbing it. Tough surfaces on the outer layers of leaves, and hairy leaves that reduce water loss through transpiration, are also typical of water-wise plants. Plants with a backbone and deep-rooted systems are more likely to be water-efficient and can make better use of soil moisture.

For more information about the Cascata rain barrel, water efficient sprinklers, composting, and more water-saving tips, go to or call 519-624-2554.