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The Advantages of both a Liner pond and a Preformed pond, rolled up into one box!

180 Gallon Black Folding Preformed Pond/Streamlet Kit
180 Gallon Black Folding Preformed Pond/Streamlet Kit


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By: Gerry Fung
January 20, 2005


So you’ve decided to build your very own backyard water garden. You are in the process of actively planning out your design, and you’re visualizing the end-result. But have you paused to consider what kind of pond construction you will be using? Do you know what kind of pond constructions exist? The majority of garden ponds utilize one of two types of constructions: a preformed shell, or a pond liner.

Preformed Pond vs. Liner Pond

Traditionally, preformed ponds are large shells, which are extremely burdensome and difficult to transport. For example, a typical preformed pond kit would come in a box that is 60” x 48” x 24”, which is too large for many car trunk sizes. Liner kits, on the other hand, present many difficulties for the beginner pond gardener. Since every liner pond shape is different, pond gardeners must customize their own pond and ensure that it is level, and that it does not have excessive wrinkling.

Introducing Folding Preformed Pond Shells

Algreen Products Inc. has helped leverage both these problems by introducing a flexible preformed pond, as part of their 2005 catalog. According to Melissa Mulligan, a sales coordinator with Algreen Products Inc.,

“We recommend the flexible folding pond for any pond gardener who wants to build a top-notch pond. The folding preformed/liner hybrid is created with a proprietary blend of materials, which allows it to hold a customized shape. Yet it is easily transportable, since a typical folding kit comes in a box one-sixth the size of a regular preformed kit.”

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Algreen advertises that its folding pond includes built-in plant shelves, is weather-resistant, and is able to withstand extreme temperatures from 0 F to 105 F. Algreen guarantees that the pond will not chip, fade, or crack, and backs up this claim with a 20-year warranty.

Upon closer examination of the pond, one of its greatest features is its textured ridges. These ridges are strategically placed to allow beneficial bacteria to form growth colonies, which significantly reduces algae-buildup in the pond. When compared to its closest competitor, the Algreen folding pond seems to be significantly more flexible, and less brittle. Price-wise, the flexible pond kits cannot be beaten. Whereas their competition has a tendency to offer low-grade statuary pumps with their kits, Algreen kits include a heavy-duty SuperFlo pumps, and a flexible streamlet. The complete Algreen kit includes:

As of this article’s publication date, lists the pricing for the 144 gallon granite folding pond (with streamlet) kit at $196.14 USD. The 72 gallon and the 105 gallon kit can be purchased for $146.14 USD.

* The 144 gallon kits comes with a 500 gph pump, while the 72 and 105 gallon kits both come with a 306 gph pump.