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Welcoming a Pond to the Family

Pond Pump Kit, Superflo 2000
Pond Pump Kit, Superflo 2000


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A water garden is a huge undertaking, and adding something like it to your family without discussing it first is like purchasing a pet without a family chat first. A pond should be a family experience, and as such, everyone should be informed and involved every step of the way. When you decide that it might be time to add a pond to your backyard, the family should sit down and discuss it. Some family members may like the idea, whereas others may not. Choosing what to do with shared space like the backyard is an important topic within the family.

Once you have all agreed that a water garden is right for you, everyone can be involved in the installation! Even something as basic as having a young child survey the area to remove sticks and stones that are damaging to the pond is positive involvement – and shows the children they can contribute to the pond as well! After the pond has been installed and is completely up and running, the family should enjoy the water garden together!

If you've created a fish pond or another body of water that attracts wildlife, parents can use the pond to help teach children about science and ecosystems. You can teach your children chemistry when you record the pH levels of your water garden, as well as keeping track of the water quality.

Green Tip:

Use a push mower. As push mowers are completely manually powered, using one of these will eliminate the gas or electricity you use when mowing your lawn.

Another fun game to play with children and your water garden is recording the wildlife you see. The longer your garden pond is in your yard, the more familiar with it the wildlife in the area becomes. This means your family will see many different types of wildlife, and as time goes on, you will see the wildlife more often. Recording the different types of animals you see in your backyard can be an educational experience for your children.

Whenever a water garden is added to a backyard, it can be an educational experience for everyone in the family. Using the pond as a way to get closer and learn something is a successful way to spend time together having fun, but learning at the same time!