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New MicraPond Waterfall Pond Kits: The Professional Water Garden Solution

Ultimate Plus 1400 Gallon Liner Pond Kit
Ultimate Plus 1400 Gallon Liner Pond Kit


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By: Gerry Fung
November 20, 2006

Tired of looking at the same old backyard everyday? Do you want to have that special area where you can sit and relax after a hard days work? A waterfall pond will create a tranquil and serene environment that is sure to have your curious neighbors peeping over your fence.

However, one thing to keep in mind is that waterfall pond equipment and installations can cost several thousand dollars when contracted out to a landscaper. They can be extremely expensive investments! Wouldn't you like to obtain all the supplies that a contractor normally would, at their wholesale price? Well, now you can buy a professional-quality pond kit directly from Gardensupermart!

New for 2007, Algreen's Professional Waterfall Pond Kits include a pond pump, liner, underlay, filtration media, and both a skimmer and bio waterfall filter! These kits come complete with a whole load of accessories to help transform your backyard into a spectacular work of art. The new Professional Waterfall Pond Kits come in 3 sizes which range from  4’ x 6’ liner kits, to the 6’ x 6’ liner kits, to the larger 6’ x 11’ kits (which includes a pump that moves over 3200 gallons of water per hour).

Green Tip:

Air conditioning accounts for 11% of the typical electricity bill - turning down the air conditioner just one degree with help you save money.

Leafs, twigs, and other debris use to make ponds look dirty and were a hassle to clean up. Not any more!! With the introduction of Algreen’s new pond skimmer, pond debris is skimmed off the pond water surface and filtered regularly so that you have a clean, clear, and beautiful looking pond anytime of the day. The skimmer is specially manufactured to operate with ponds containing up to 5000 gallons of water.

The Waterfall Pond Kit comes with its own skimmer

The skimmer’s Trap Basket has a large filter that is easily removable for cleaning and maintenance. There is also a secondary filter mat used for secondary filtration prior to reaching the pump. The kit comes with a special pump that creates a natural flowing waterfall. The pump is uniquely housed within the pond skimmer so it’s completely hidden from view.

The Waterfall Pond Kit comes with its own waterfall filter

Professional 1800 Gallon Pond Kit with waterfall
Professional 1800 Gallon Pond Kit with waterfall


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Your fish will thank you with Algreen's new Bio Waterfall Filter, which includes both removable biological and mechanical filters, and 2 activated charcoal pouches. The charcoal filtration units have an extremely high surface area and when placed in the water bind, and thus remove harmful chemicals such as bacterial toxins. Poisonous toxic molecules physically adhere to the activated charcoal and stick to it until they are completely destroyed.

Keep micro bacterial agents such as algae and bacterial colonies from developing in your pond with the Bio Waterfall Filter’s special fish friendly filters and pond solutions. The filters include five separate filtering actions to ensure that your pond water is in healthy condition.

These new Professional Waterfall Pond Kits are a lovely addition to any area they are placed in. They are proudly manufactured in Canada and are accompanied with a lifetime warranty on both the skimmer and waterfall filter enclosures!

We know what you’re thinking. With this great value, the price must be through the roof! WRONG!! Compared to the leading competitor’s prices, Algreen’s Professionial Waterfall Pond Kits give you a savings of more than 25%.

Comparison Leading Competitor Algreen MicraPond Kit
15' x 10' liner Included Included
Underlay Included Included
Large 22" Skimmer Small skimmer only Included
Waterfall pump Included Included
Pond Construction Supplies Included Included
Biological Waterfall Filter Included Included
Instructions Included Included
5 types of filtration media NOT included Included
Comprehensive warranty: Lifetime warranty on skimmer and biological waterfall filter enclosures; 20-year warranty on the liner; 2-year warranty on pump NOT Included Included
Price $1300 + $100 for filtration media $1000

DEAL: Get a starter waterfall pond kit, including liner, underlay, a waterfall pump, skimmer, biological waterfall filter, and filtration media (charcoal, biological and mechanical) for as little as $600!

Be the trend setter this year on your block.  These waterfall pond kits add value to your home, are great conversation starters, and make a great place to relax next to while enjoying your drink.  They come with easy to follow installation instructions and are customizable so no two waterfall ponds look the same. The best part about the waterfall pond kit is that the instructions give you the flexibility of doing-it-yourself, with helpers.  Alternatively, the kit also provides you with a low-cost, professional waterfall pond supplies, so that you can hire a contractor to complete it for less.