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1800 Gallon Landscaper Pond Kit

Ultimate 700 Gallon Liner Pond Kit
Ultimate 700 Gallon Liner Pond Kit


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By: Gerry Fung
September 5, 2007

Supersize your pond!

Finally, a kit that provides you with everything that you need for a Professional Garden Pond

Are you an experienced pond builder?

Or are you a landscaper who is looking for an affordable source for pond supplies?

Pond kits are the foundations that will provide you with the essential equipment required to successfully design and install a pond. With larger ponds, it's worth your value to invest in a pond kit and to minimize both the risk of mistakes, and to minimize the cost associated with the supplies required. Pond kits are extremely affordable, and usually come with easy-to-follow instructions.

Our professional grade pond kits come with everything that you need to install large ponds up to 4000 gallons in size!

For example, our 1800 gallon pond kit comes complete with:

Green Tip:

Make your garden larger. Grass needs more water than most other plants. Why not try adding a paved area to your yard, or a mulch bed around your trees to help reduce grassed areas?

This entire kit can be yours for as little as $1500! View pond kits