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GardenSuperMart's Comprehensive Warranty

Floating Solar Frog Light
Floating Solar Frog Light


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Our merchandise is the most reliable and of the highest quality available. GardenSuperMart stands behind our products! That is why we have included a comprehensive, hassle-free warranty with some of our most popular products.

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When you purchase a product from GardenSuperMart, you can still make warranty claims even if you no longer have your receipt. We keep a history of all orders for you, so you don't have to worry about losing your reciept.

Lifetime Warranty
Covers enclosure. Does not cover filtration media.
20-Year Manufacturer's Warranty
Covered by Firestone's 20-Year Limited Warranty.
2-Year Manufacturer's Warranty
Guarantees operation of pump for two years. Covers PressureFlo enclosure and fittings. Does not cover PressureFlo bulbs or filtration media. Covers enclosure and transformer of CrystalFlo Pump and Filter. Does not cover bulb, quartz tube, or filtration media.
1-Year Manufacturer's Warranty
Covers enclosure and transformer. Does not cover bulb or quartz tube of UV Clarifier. Covers transformer, lighting unit, base and lens of light units. Does not cover bulbs.

Making a Warranty Claim

In order to make a warranty claim, please provide us with some basic information (your name, shipping address, and an estimated date when you purchased from us), and we will process your warranty claim. Call or e-mail us at 519-624-2554.