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Wind Spinners – The Mesmerizing Garden Accessory

Animated Golfer Wind Spinner
Animated Golfer Wind Spinner


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Enduring a stress filled day? Can’t seem to create that visually stunning porch display with your container plantings and décor accessories? Many gardeners are searching for non-traditional methods to develop an interesting and soothing display at their front and back porch, in their home, or around the walkways. There are many choices and products that can create a decent looking display but there is only one choice that will have your neighbors peering over the fence.

Introducing wind spinner products. They all come in different sizes, shapes, themes, 3-D affects, and even a choice of adding a motor to allow for quiet indoor fluid movement! Whether hung outdoor or indoor, the 18 gauge steel high shine finish is manufactured so that it seems as if any light reflected off the spinner is bouncing and dancing around. With a little bit of breeze, the rotating motion allows for a very stimulating optical illusion. One of the greatest values these wind spinners offer is that they all are weather proof so their powder coated high gloss colors will never fade or crack as the seasons turn.

These creations are a perfect addition to your garden, porch, or home. In essence, garden décor is developing and providing unique visual displays that are pleasing to the eye and the wind spinners can provide that distinctiveness and accentuate your already spectacular garden displays.

My blue trailing petunias, bluish purple alyogyne, and purple aeonium I had planted in pots and containers around the porch gave off a clam soothing mood but were lacking fullness around the ceilings and sides. I purchased four 12” 3D Blue Dolphin Wind Spinners and hung them from the ceiling and they made such an impressive impact that I purchased more for the inside of my home.

Maple Leaf SpinnerThere are dozens of spinners that you can choose. I found that the large pulsating 12" blue Toronto Maple Leafs wind spinner and the reddish purple 3-D 12" hummingbird windspinner were best choices for both inside outside. They are also an excellent choice because these spinners are 3D and you can physically adjust the hummingbird and butterfly to optimize light reflection and to create that perfect 3-D graceful spin.

These dazzling and hypnotic conversation starters enhance the look, feel, and mood of any area they're placed in. Situate them in your back or front porch and be the first neighbor on your block to start a new décor trend. During extreme weather conditions, bring them inside your home. With the addition of the motor, you can benefit from their tantalizing soothing affect in any room. They spark great conversations and can be viewed for literally hours on end to develop a calm and serene atmosphere.

My recommendation is to purchase the wind spinners not because they are inexpensive, weatherproof, or great conversation starters but purchase them because of the distinctive appeal they can provide to your garden.