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Bio Waterfall Filter- Filtration for your Backyard Waterfall

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Concealing the tubing for your backyard waterfall is not always possible. In the past, landscapers were forced to hide tubing in landscaping, or to seal the tubing to the liner. Needless to say, both these options can create a lot of headaches. A water-spewing hose does not look very natural, and sealing the tubing to your liner creates the potential for leaks. To solve this problem, Algreen has introduced a new Biological Waterfall Filter. This filter not only allows water to drizzle over its output tray in an esthetically-pleasing way (to create a backyard waterfall), but it also cleans the water for your backyard waterfall at the same time!

This filter actually kills two birds with one stone. Most filters (from leading competitors) don't include filtration media, which often needs to be purchased at separate marked-up prices. Algreen's filter comes in a comprehensive kit that includes everything that you will need to install the filter right away!

Algreen's incredible five-action Bio Waterfall Filter is comparable to an all-star basketball team. Each player has a specific role to play and fulfills their duty with amazing results. This backyard waterfall filter comes complete with multiple biological, mechanical, and charcoal filtration methods to allow for a pure and healthy looking pond. Not to mention that this is all backed by a LIFETIME warranty!

Mat Filter

The mat filter is a single filter that is manufactured to clean your water, and smooth out your waterfall flow. Most backyard waterfalls have a very rough and a bit of a foamy appearance when flowing over the edge. With Algreen's remarkable new mat filter design, the outgoing water is slowed down the flow is softened to give you a crystal clear backyard waterfall. Not only does this filter provide you with an aesthetically-pleasing backyard waterfall, it is also a functional filter as well. It serves as a mechanical filter that reduces the amount of leaves and other debris that accumulate within the pond.

Two Activated Charcoal Pouches

Charcoal servers to remove cloudiness from your pond water, while removing toxins from it that may be harmful from your fish. This type of charcoal is extra porous and has a large surface area. This means that for every square inch of your pond, there will be a million activated charcoal particles for every hundred particles of toxins. More charcoal in the water will not harm your fish. The activated charcoal will actually attract all the toxins until they bind to it. Once bonded, the charcoal will literally eat away and destroy the toxins before they can do damage your healthy pond and backyard waterfall.

Two Bacteria Colony Pouches

Green Tip:

Group plants in your garden that have similar watering needs together.

Believe it or not, but your pond needs a small accumulation of healthy bacteria. These 2 separate pouches promote the reproduction of healthy bacteria that is required for the environmental processes of your biological pond and backyard waterfall.

Biological Filter

The biological filter provides a natural way of removing toxic ammonia (fish waste) from your pond. Your fish excrete waste in the form of ammonia which, in high amounts, can be fatal to the fish. This process is counteracted by the biological filter, which is basically the catalyst for the nitrifying cycle. The biological filter allows beneficial bacteria to accumulate within the filter. These bacteria "eat" away at the harmful ammonia to convert them into fertilizer that can be used by plant life.

The Nitrifying Cycle

Two Mechanical Filters

Relieve some strain on your back because there is no need to fish out leafs, twigs, and other outdoor debris by hand anymore. With 2 separate mechanical filters, all the debris that accumulates within your pond will be automatically filtered out by our mechanical filters.

Algreen provides their consumers the best "bang for the buck". The five-action filtration team will ensure that your backyard waterfall and pond stays healthy and looks great at any time of the day. In fact, Algreen is so confident in the quality of their product that they also provide a lifetime warranty for the biological waterfall filter enclosure!

Please go to our online store for more information about Algreen's Biological Waterfall Filter.