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Proper Care and Tips for Trees, Shrubs, and Vines

Pedestal Garden planter
Pedestal Garden planter


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Once these plants are established, they need little care compared to annuals and perennials. The regular needs of these plants vary from mulching, watering, pest control, to feeding.

Don't Throw Out Leaves!

If your trees drop a lot of leaves, branches, or needles; DO NOT throw them away. This organic matter can be shredded and used in a compost pile or as mulch under trees, shrubs, and perennials. You must make sure that the organic matter is not infected with disease or infested with pests as they can spread to any plant its located near to.


If you’re thinking of stalking in locations where there isn’t strong wind, you might be creating more harm than good. Sometimes the tight wires damage the bark and trunk of the tree beyond recognition. Furthermore, stalking constricts trees and prevents them from swaying. Biological research has shown that trees exposed to swaying develop a stronger tapered trunk that ensures their safety for years to come.

If stalking is absolutely required, be sure to use flexible stakes and ties that give a couple inches of slack. It is also a good idea to slip rubber hoses over the supporting wires so that they do not damage the bark or trunk. When the tree has matured and rooted itself properly, remove all support so that the tree can become self supporting.