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Remembering my family's outdoor hammocks

Eco-Friendly Hammock Tree Straps
Eco-Friendly Hammock Tree Straps


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When I was growing up, there were always many things going on around the city. Festivals, the carnival, the circus, fireworks shows and parades were common, especially for holidays. I'll never forget those holidays like Canada Day and May 24 weekend, simply because of the fireworks shows. Each year, some big manufacturing company would donate enough money for the city to run a fireworks show out of one of the major parks. Though the location seemed to change each year, the fireworks shows were always as amazing and brilliant as the years previous.

Growing up my parents felt it was important that we make it to every event. We showed up at all of the carnivals and the circus. The fireworks, however, we stayed home for. Our house was in the middle of the city, and the fireworks were always fairly close to the house. We'd get into our pj's, make some popcorn, and grab some blankets. My dad, my younger sister and I would climb into our backyard hammock to watch the fireworks show. Most times, the fireworks would go off right over us, and lying in the outdoor hammock was the perfect seat.

Years later as my sister and I had gone off to school we still spent our holiday fireworks in that hammock, but we added another one to make it a little more comfortable. Side by side in our outdoor hammocks we'd eat our popcorn and watch the fireworks show.

Now that my sister and I have grown and moved out of the house, our hammocks are still there. My dad spends his time reading in one, while the dog swings side by side in the one we'd bought. With father's day fast approaching, we decided it was time for a change, and bought him a brand new hammock chair. After nearly 20 years of using the same one, we figured it's time for a change - and with all of the new styles of outdoor hammocks available, we're sure he'll love his gift!

Shirley, Brantford, Ontario

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