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Container Principles: Prevention of Pest and Disease Damage

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There is an entire list of diseases and pests that can negatively affect the growth of your plantings. Container plantings are more susceptible to these attacks because of their confined space. The disease or pests can quickly infect all the plantings in the area. Although this is a high risk associated with container plantings, you prevent these pests from developing and produce healthy plants from the start. Healthy plants grown from the beginning will posses natural assets to combat diseases and pests. It is always a good idea to observe your garden and container plantings regularly to make sure there are no signs of damage or ill health.

Types of Pests and Diseases to Watch For

Vine Weevil

Slugs and Snails


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Prevention Techniques

It is not possible to fend off against all the pests and diseases in the environment but there are methods you can use to make your plants resistant to infestations and infections. Healthy plants that have a rich supply of nutrients and are watered regularly will be less likely attacked as compared to a drought ridden unhealthy plant. Insect and disease growth increases as the temperature rises. That’s why it is important to make regular check ups with your plants to observe any infestations because if you catch it early on, it will be easier to save the plant. Find any pests and remove them by rubbing, spraying, or wiping them off. If the infestation is situated to one area, try to prune that affected area.

Infestation Activity

Most insects situate themselves underneath the leaves near the main leaf veins. Observe the plants carefully because certain pests, like green caterpillars and aphids, can be overlooked.

Some things you can do to prevent infestation: