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Pressureflo: A Comprehensive and Cost-Effective Pond Filter for Fish

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PressureFlo Components

Above: The PressureFlo pond filter for fish combines UV Clarification, mechnical filtration, bioballs, and biological filtration into one compact and cost-effective unit.

Having problems with your filter? When there’s fish in the pond, inadequate filtration can mean the rapid death of your fish. Thus, proper planning needs to be conducted before aquatic life can be introduced to the pond.

Normal pump-driven filters are often inadequate because they rely on the pump to force water through the filtration media. First of all, this does not allow much time for the water to be cleaned sufficiently, which can lead to an unhealthy pond filled with bacteria and algae. Secondly, one of the main problems with pump-driven filters is that water pressure decreases with distance and height from the pump. Often, this decrease in water pressure severely hinders the filtration performance.

Recently, Algreen has introduced a new all-in-one pressurized pond filter for fish, PressureFlo, that serves as a complete pond filtration solution. This unique pressurized pond filter for koi has 5 levels of filtration in a single unit. One of the main advantages of the PressureFlo is that the sealed pressurized unit maximizes the capacity for both the mechanical and biological filtration systems by always supplying pressurized water through the filtration media. The PressureFlo includes a biological filter to house beneficial bacteria (which remove toxic ammonia from your water), bioballs (to generate beneficial bacterial), a mechanical filter, a trap filter, and an UV water clarifier to remove algae from your water.

This unit is designed to be used partially hidden below ground so that it can blend in better with the surrounding landscaping. How does it work? The filtration process can be broken down three easy steps.

Green Tip:

Use a push mower. As push mowers are completely manually powered, using one of these will eliminate the gas or electricity you use when mowing your lawn.

Step #1

This filter first pumps pressurized water through the UV water clarifier.  This facilitates the removal of harmful algae form within your pond water.

Step #2

Next, the water is forced through the trap and mechanical filters. These pond filters help remove all the pond debris (such as leaves, twigs, and small branches) that accumulate and make your pond look dirty.

Step #3

Next, the water passes through the bioballs and biological filter. This last step ensures that your pond stays clean and healthy. These filters create and help grow beneficial bacteria in your pond to aid in the nitrifying cycle.

The PressureFlo pond filter for koi comes in three sizes, which are able to handle pond volumes up to 1000 gallons, 2000 gallons and 4000 gallons respectively. Another great feature about this series of pond filters is that the tubing size that they accept are adaptable to ½”, ¾”, to 1” diameters. Keep your pond clean with the Pressureflo pond filter for fish. Its five types of filtration will help you maintain a clean and healthy-looking pond. It’s a small investment that will keep your fish happy, and the pond looking the way it’s supposed to look: amazing and beautiful.