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Water garden spitters are the perfect way to accentuate your pond with style

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One option that adds significant appeal to a water garden is a pond spitter. Pond spitters are artistic and whimsical ways to decorate your outdoor space and accentuate your waterscape.

Why Add a Spitter?

Water garden spitters can vary in size from 5' tall statues to miniature spitters that are 10' in height. They can be used as both statues and fountains, and are often manufactured from brass or plastic. Spitters that are manufactured from brass are known to not rust or decay over time. They will become more beautiful with age, as they are exposed to the elements (and are even salt-water resistant).

However, large brass statues can be extremely expensive (they can cost several hundred dollars). For those who want to pursue a more affordable option, plastic spitters may be ideal. Plastic spitters and statues are viable alternatives that have sufficient weight to not be affected by the elements, and are manufactured from plastic resins that make them resistant to decay over time.

Algreen Pond Spitters

All pond spitters require a submersible re-circulating pump in order to draw the water from the pond, through a plastic hose, and into the attachment of the spitter. The water will run through the tubing inside the sculpture and flow back into the pond, thus re-circulating the water. It is extremely important that you find a pump that has a powerful enough head (maximum pumping height) to accommodate your statue, and that you obtain a pond pump and a spitter which can accommodate the same size of tubing.

Algreen's line of water garden spitters provide you the option of a duck, fish, or turtle, each which will spit sparkling streams of water into your water garden. Each resin spitter is painted with a beautiful patina finish, and comes complete in a kit with a properly sized pump, and the hosing required to connect the pump to the spitter. At 10' in height, these spitters are both extremely affordable and durable; they are the perfect accent for your small backyard water garden.