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Making Your Garden Your Own

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Universal Hammock Stand with Double Hammock


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A garden is a wonderful thing. It provides shade, comfort, happiness, and even a source of food. But with so many garden ideas out there, how do you make yours different from the rest? It's not an easy question, and there certainly isn't one simple way to make your garden different. However, there are some general garden ideas over the years on how to make your garden look individual.

Combine plants with physical objects

Firstly, in order to make your garden your own, you're going to need to combine plant variety with physical objects. The number of physical objects doesn't have to be great - it can be only one or two, but the more unique they are the better. You can even use regular household items in this case - an old boot or a mirror both can work wonders in your garden.

Bring focus to a water feature

One of the simplest ideas you can use to make your garden interesting is to make your water feature more visible. Obviously, plants need water to grow. However, if you place that water in plain view, it can make your garden much more beautiful. An easy way to do this is to install a fountain. Garden fountains are beautiful, and they also add that gurgling sound that can be so relaxing.

Bring animals into your garden

Animals tend to have a lot to do with a garden, and animals fit in well with a few garden ideas. I think birds definetely have their place in the garden, and a birdbath or bird feeder is sure to give a certain aura to a garden. The traditional six-sided bird feeder attracts most birds, and it looks classy while doing it. After birds eat, they will probably want to get something to drink. You can provide birds a source of water by using a bird bath. One such bird bath, the scalloped bird bath, is a favorite because it fits in almost any garden, large or small.

Use the wind to your advantage

The sound of the wind going through a garden can be a calming addition to any garden. I've found that an easy way to implement good garden ideas is to install either a wind spinner or a wind chime. Wind spinners can be a great way to capture the sunlight, or bring attention to parts of your garden that would normally get looked-over. Wind chimes, with their classic ringing sound, help to bring peace and quiet to your garden, and help you make your garden your own.